Elafonisi beach will ruin you for life…

Elafonisi is a fine pink power fell beach where pristine waters create peaceful swimming. The water here becomes as calm as a lake in summer making it excellent spot for snorkelling.
Pause for a moment on this shore.

After a day spent at the beach, don’t towel off and head home just yet…

The sunsets really seal the deal for visitors.

The sunsets will ruin you for life.

Consider yourself warned.

Get Crete’s artsy atmosphere.

There is no other beach in the world like this its surreal. It is surrounded by limestone pebbles too and the most epic landscapes.

It has a laid-back vibe.

Its where the rich and famous go to unwind.

Here the talk is about food rather than fashion and music rather than money.

Elafonisi don’t do average.

A beach for walkers and a beach for athletes.

This place in Crete was front of the queue when beach God were passing on idyllic places to see.

Its got beauty that warms your heart Crete has good food designed by ambitious chefs.

An explorers paradise and top travel destination is this.

This beach is a breath taking, one-of-a-kind experience

that every traveller must explore.

Join us today.

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Awesome Works

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