Tinos wedding party luxury beach celebration

Luxury wedding in Tinos

Tinos is the best island for both wedding celebration in stunning beach venues or perfect villas like the one handpicked by us. Furthermore, is one of the perfect cultural and stunning island for the best wedding in Greece. Art, breath taking views, stunning villas &services.

The food in Tinos is delicious.  Parties at our Le ciel villa are allowed up until 2:30 am.

Le Ciel villa is ideal for  Post parties even though are not essential, they are necessary just as your destination wedding reception. The options for celebrating are countless. Spend 3 days celebrating your love for one another and our team experts will ensure this will be the best wedding in Greece. 

Let us arrange a post wedding day. It’s a thank you day dedicated to all of your guests traveling from abroad just for you and your family. Spend some quality time saying thank you without being stressed or formal but really being there for them.

There are many things you can do @ Tinos the day after your wedding.
Here is a list of the most amazing things to do on that special day.
You can chat with us your wedding planner, or  treat your guests or your in laws with a massage at our villa. Maybe chill out at the pool with your guests.

Can you think anything more perfect for your wedding in Greece?

Have some time alone with your husband.
You can write him a love letter a memory of your special day. Or you and all your friends can swim to our beautiful beaches in Tinos, you can relax at our amazing beach very close by . A laid-back afternoon is the best way to go. There is no need for elaborate décor it’s a fun day at the beach a fun day at our secluded beach bars. At Tinos  you can arrange a perfect picnic at the beach or you can treat your guests with a fine wine tasting afternoon another perfect thing to do after your wedding.

Or you can just

Listen to lounge music,
treat yourself
with a cocktail

Have a pre honeymoon sports activity.

Have a BBQ party at the villa .

Whatever you do,
be thankful
after-all you are very lucky!
YOU JUST GOT MARRIED in wonderful Tinos. 


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