Paradise On Earth

Cultural trip with kids Antiparos
Cultural trip with kids Antiparos

Looking for  a luxury holiday or a luxury trip  for you and your partner? The best luxury destination is in a Greek island called Antiparos.

As we have saved for you the best visit for last,  a one- of -a -kind-experience is to  explore and set sail for the island of Antiparos next to Paros.  Get that sea breeze through your hair and live like a sailor for a day.  This is one of the most attractive islands where you will find Tom Hanks or Eva Mentes having dinner next to you.  

Beach stretches, cozy coves, dramatic scenery , seductive sun, windless weather beckoning beaches are  among the most bewitching on the planet in Antiparos. 

Visit the  secluded, pristine, mesmerizing iconic beaches of Antiparos a hidden gem or as we call it the best kept secret of Greece. 

Throw your Manolos, get your towel and whisper

At last I have found Paradise on earth!

Last but not least set sail on a luxury trip around the small Cyclades a group of islands that include Koufonisi and Donousa.  A memorable experience a perfect luxury holiday and an unforgettable day. Antiparos not only has stunning villas and cool beach bars to host your wedding celebration it is also a great way to celebrate your prewedding celebration or your rehearsal dinner. 

Above all, Antiparos,  is a luxury holiday destination ideal for eco-vacation packages, luxury solo travel and luxury holiday destination for couples. Consequently is the  Perfect  wedding location with breathtaking scenery and stunning turquoise beaches. 


This prime location is so full of stunning venues we need a little more time to undergo a proper photo shooting for our global luxe travelers. Please be patient with us as we are devoted to handpicking the best villas for our luxe travelers.

Sent us an email info@globalluxetraveler.com if you wish info anyway.

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