Eternal Beauty of Greece

wedding events santorini
wedding events santorini

Mykonos is an island that will bottle the stars for you. Travel to Mykonos & you will find gastronomy lovers and international jet setters.

 The famous island has been established as a popular cosmopolitan destination for  international jet setters. If you love life and you are a party goer or just wish a celebration you will be left in awe by the idyllic scenery the countless cobbled alleys, pristine waters,  white washed blue domes, nightlife, but above all the golden sunsets that mark a true celebration of life. 

Get our vibrant atmosphere surrounded by limestone surroundings and the most epic landscapes. Travel to Mykonos and you can also have a laid-back vibe. It’s where the rich and famous go to unwind. Here the talk is about food rather than fashion and music rather than money.

An explorer’s paradise and top travel destination is this. This island is breath taking, one of a kind experience that every traveler must explore.

Even if you wish to live a true cast away day wrapped up in luxury, Mykonos is your choice.

This memory will not fade away….EVER

If we were to describe this magnificent island with one word the word would  be: eternal youth eternal beauty of Greece. So many celebrities such as Aristotle Onassis, Maria Callas, Marlow Brando, Nyreyev and Pierre Cardin have worshiped this island creating bonds with locals and shops. Even today the super celebrities’ artists and movie stars  visit and feel the energy and extravagant night life. Is there any more to say  to convince you to travel to Mykonos?

Even though there is so much to do feel and taste at this impeccable island we have found the best things to do if you choose Mykonos as a destination for your vacations.


Village Hopping

Best place to get married Mykonos island Greece

The majority of beaches in Mykonos are crowded and surrounded by famous beach bars.  Those bars are definitely worth a visit but if you are seeking a secluded, private heaven where you can escape from  the buzz of the island Agios sostis, Fokos bay and Agrari are the hidden gems of the island.

#Sight-seeing- hopping

The Paraportiani Church is a very impressive building of the 14th century.  It is a white washed a traditional church found in Cyclades beautiful and romantic next to little Venice.

Should you wish to indulge yourself in one of the millions of shops in Mykonos do not forget to walk from Matogianna street one of the best thing to do if you travel to Mykonos.

Best travel website Little Venice In Mykonos Island Greece Cyclades

#Visit the Armenistis Light house

A peaceful sanctuary is a perfect spot for unwinding overlooking the electric blue of the Aegean sea.  It offers marvellous views and it is the best way to enjoy the sunset and the perfect spot of a wedding proposal.

#Panagia Tourliani

Ano Mera village was built in 1542 and it is dedicated to Virgin Mary. White washed exterior and beautiful dark red dome Panagia Tourliai is the most impressive church on the island. Do not miss the museum and check out the wood carvings and other holy icons.  The celebration on August 15th  is a must. The village Ano Mera is definitely worth your time.

Postacard perfect photo of Mykonos Little Venice area

Delos island hopping

Delos is definitely worth your time, it is something a traveler should not miss if you travel to Mykonos.

The ancient Greeks believed that there were four elements that everything was made up of:

Earth, Water, Fire and Air

The element of Earth binds fire, water and air in various proportions.

The element of Water has magnetic properties; it nurtures and sustains.

The element of Fire has creative properties.

Air is a detaching element and enables co-existence of the two main elements, fire and water.

Delos is a composition of everything ancient Greeks believed in.  If you choose Mykonos for your vacation you must visit Delos Sacred island.

Sailing to Delos and Rhenia islands is an unforgettable experience an enchanting way of seeing historical findings surrounded by endless blue sea.  Delos is uninhabited it is a religious place that draws you to another era.  In 40 minute boat ride you will explore a magical  religious experience of great historical value.  The archeological museum of Delos is something to look forward to as it has been known as an archeological treasure.

Windmill Hopping

Mykonos wedding planner Mykonos island Greece

Another thing to do if you travel to Mykonos is 

Chase the wind do a windmill chasing.

The best way to feel the wind at this signature landmark of the island are the windmills. Even if you do not feel as a Don Quixote fighting for a noble idea against a giant (a windmill), it is well worth a visit.

This is an instagrammable truly wonderful moment, enjoy it. Wind mills were used to grind the island’s wheat and cereal until the early 20th century but are not operating anymore. They rather serve as  a memory of what the locals used to do and mark an iconic feature of this energetic island. So be a don Quixote for a day and chase the wind mills.

Admire Little Venice

An enchanting location of Mykonos is made up of homes which  literally have the foundations in the sea.  The myth says that pirates used them as storages for their treasures and loot. Today it is the perfect spot for leaving the cares behind a true oasis of dramatic backdrop impeccable service. Lift your spirit and root in your body wisdom -listen the majestic sea sound, the sound of the  waves the sound of the sea.

Heal yourself with an instant body ritual. Therefore, pause for a moment and enjoy your cocktail. 

Beach Hopping

Luxury Travel destination Mykonos Greece

Greece has no shortage of gorgeous beaches Enjoy your sunbathing on the beautiful sandy or pebble beaches  or dive into the heavenly clear waters of the Aegean.

it’s not difficult to find a stunning beach in Mykonos but finding one that is postcard perfect Laguna beach that caters for you or your family is more of a challenge. Mykonos  beaches tick all of the right boxes. Black pebble-and-sand beaches, with sun loungers, calm, crystal clear waters for swimming and jet skiing, a long seafront promenade– and none of the bling that accompanies the busiest roads of Mykonos. Ornos, Psarou, Platis Gialos, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Kalo Livadi, Ftelia, Panormos, Agios Ioannis and Agia Anna next to Kalafatis rugged, and definitely wild, are the number one places to go to,  if you travel to  Mykonos island. Covered with sandy little gems, Mykonos is a source of positive energy itself. If you are looking for an adventure tubing, water skiing, parasailing, wakeboarding and fly-boating. Super Paradise, Elia, Kalafatis (one of the most popular because of its size), Kalo Livadi, Platis Gialos and even quiet Agrari have popular watersports centers. And you can book yourself kite-surfing lessons at Korfos and Ftelia and go diving at Paradise, Lia and Kalafatis.

The majority of beaches in Mykonos are crowded and surrounded by famous beach bars.  Those bars are definitely worth a visit but if you are seeking a secluded, private heaven where you can get yourself away from the buzz of the island Agios sostis, Fokos bay and Agrari are the hidden gems of the island. 

If that’s not scenic or adventurous enough for you then stay out at till the golden hour and just look up in the sky. Enjoy spectacular colors as the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most romantic settings in the world. The famous Mykonos sunset.

Take a moment and think

Are you a good traveler? Are you a goodlifer?

This is the best place to visit.


If you travel to Mykonos you can enjoy a delectable scrumptious lunch catered by famous chefs.

Savor the exclusive variety of gourmet innovations based on local cuisine dishes. All dishes are made by the freshest ingredients in richly decorated restaurants either with a relaxing atmosphere which make it ideal for quiet friendly or family gatherings or with a party-full spirit. Feast on tempting and avant-garde plates that will surely satisfy even the most claimant taste.

Every warm mixture prepared in Mykonos island is a pure ambrosia in your mouth. Simplicity lies in the first bite, whispering on your left frontal lobe when chefs serve almost anything. A full menu parade singing all flavors of a tasty serenade.

Almost all s restaurants offer an impressive view of Mykonos bay, ultimate privacy and cookery to the highest standards. Top dishes are catered by famous chefs with uniquely chosen ingredients carefully combined to create a wonderful result with inspiring presentation and bursting flavor.

Holistic and ancient Greek philosophy are merging together 

Taste the exclusive cocktails made by the famous distinguished bartenders many of them awarded as the top bartenders worldwide. Enjoy perky drinks by the sea in a unique lounge atmosphere all day long until late at night.
Mykonos bars will initiate you to the magic of Greek summer nights with an  authentic bar atmosphere and tasteful music from top DJ’s that keep up the beat until late and make your nights unique and party-full.

Whether it’s whisky, whiskey, Scotch, rum, or bourbon, this spirit comes in so many styles the cocktail possibilities are endless. Contact us today for an unforgettable trip


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