The Island of Artists

Exclusive travel experience for families Tinos
Exclusive travel experience for families Tinos

Tinos is an ideal destination for art lovers, architecture admirers, nature and gastronomy enthusiasts. It is a distinctive eat, pray, love island and an amazing destination for weddings. Thinking about summer holidays in Tinos? Our luxury trip experts will make vacations to Tinos a memory that will not fade away. Never.

An artistic light surrounds this stunning island and you can feel this immediately as soon as  you set foot on this island. Is it the presence of God? Religious travelers might think of this immediately. However, Tinos island, Cyclades, Greece is a unique island with so much to offer. A visitor is left in awe all for its wild beauty, its religious tourism and its magnificent architecture. Tinos has a long tradition in marble sculpture which you notice immediately. Chapels, churches, monasteries beautiful villages, lunar landscapes, museums, beaches and cuisine.  Authentic inspiration, culture and art most definitely an island for art lovers. Even though there are many things to do, there no limited choices here we have found the best things to do and feel if you are a slow traveller. Our kind of traveller. Check out what to do at your holidays in Tinos 

  • Village hopping
  • Museum – monastery  hopping
  • Beach hopping
  • Wine, beer, raki tasting

Discover holidays in Tinos

Village Hopping

Tinos island Greece affordable summer vacation for families

Visit the remarkable quaint villages of Pyrgos, Ysternia, Kardiani, Volax.

If you are familiar with the blue and white pattern of Cycladic architecture present in other islands such as Mykonos or Santorini, note that Tinos has some of the most picturesque villages in Greece so different to each other.

Some of them follow the white washed blue dome pattern others consist of grey stone often used in mainland Greece.

Pyrgos is a famous mountain village entirely made out of marble. Ysternia is called the marble village where the famous Tiniako marble is everywhere in buildings, fountains, churches and house facades. It is located on a mountain slope, facing to the west, a perfect stop to watch the sunset. It is also a village to check out the famous windmills which reminds us of Cervantes Don Quixote.

Kardiani is famous for its white washed, dreamy houses a visitor should see its surrounding green landscape, the creeks and streams, above all the mesmerizing view of the turquoise colors of the sea. Walking around its picturesque alleys you’ll feel the locals’ love for art. Hear the sound of the beautiful fountains with the astonishing marble decorative lintels, which gave this stone and marble village an architectural character.

Marble paved streets will lead you to the inner – village where you’ll admire two – storey houses with marble lintels, charming courtyards and astonishing arches.

See the village of Volax, a surreal paradise.

Volax with its lunar rocky landscape a unique village up on the mountains, is one of the must-see places in Tinos.

The village itself is fascinating, as there’s a mix of beautifully restored houses and deserted, crumbling buildings. A truly unique place to see and explore where you can discover large granite stones where it feels you are checking out another planet. If you are an adventure traveler you can try out climbing but get in touch with the professionals who can help out with equipment and gear.

Visit during sunset to enjoy a unique golden hour and do not forget to wander around the town and purchase your souvenirs from the workshops where basket makers create their art in front of you. This is surely be your best holidays in Tinos. 

Museum Hopping

Art trip Tinos

In Panormos don’t forget to visit 3 museums the Tinian Artist museums dedicated to the artists born and raised in Tinos, The Giannoulis Halepas museum and the museum of Marble crafts.

Should you wish to participate in a course of the marble art workshop in Hondrogiannis marble art in Panormos they specialize in the creation of sculptures, decorative and other useful objects of handmade of the marble art.

In Ysternia village you can check out the small Ysternian artists museum.

The Kostas Tsoklis museum in Kampos is dedicated to the work of the Greek artist Kostas Tsoklis. Art- Workshops available. The archeological museum in town filled with excavations all over the island. The art gallery in town with art paintings and replicas by Greek and international artists.

The ecclesiastical museum in Arnados consists of old books, vestments and icons from various monasteries of the area. Art enthusiasts you have just found your place of joy at your best holidays in Tinos.

Monastery Hopping

religious tourism Tinos

Religious lovers take a look on where to go at your holidays in Tinos.

Church of Evangelistria

The church of Virgin Mary Megalochari is the most important Orthodox pilgrimage site of Greece. It was built in 1823 on the site the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary was found. The holy building has a unique architecture a breathtaking religious décor. It is celebrated on the 15th of August. It is a miraculous church and it is safe to admit that God is present on this remarkable island. Even though you might not be religious you will feel His presence right away.

Monastery of Kechrovouni

Tino’s highest village, Arnados, is located on the south flank of Mount Kechrovouni. Visit the Monastery, The monastery is dedicated to the Dormition of Virgin Mary. The Church museum, see the breathtaking views to the Aegean Sea. The monastery’s complex has a number of buildings that include the main church, small chapels, and cells of the monks, a big structure that looks like a fortified village. Take a moment to see the museum showcasing icons from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as other important heirlooms.

Monastery of Ursulines

Located in the village of Loutra, the Monastery of Ursulines is a Catholic monastery that was founded in 1862 by Marie Anne Leaves of Constantinople. Today, the Monastery of Ursulines functions as a folklore museum and during the summer months exhibitions and events take place there.

Monastery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

It was founded in 1724 by Jesuit monks who lived in the village of Kastro. When pilgrims visit, there are rooms for them to meditate in. Inside the monastery you can view a war memorial for Greek Catholics who died during the wars. There is also a cave that is dedicated to Panagia Lourdi. The Monastery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus offers rooms to pilgrims who want to meditate during their visit. During one week in July, a large traditional celebration takes place at the monastery.

Monastery of Saint Francisco

The Monastery of Saint Francisco was built on the island of Tinos in 1700 in Pentostato, close to the village of Mesi, by order of the Franciscans who had settled on the island at the time. Today, the Monastery of Saint Francisco belongs to the Catholic Archdiocese of Naxos and Tinos.

Adventure Hopping

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Do you believe that Tinos is all about art and religion? oh you are so mistaken let us take you to your best holidays in Tinos.  Sit back and read about beaches in Tinos.


Tinos has a few dozens of lovely beaches and coves. There are beaches to suit all tastes, from long sandy beaches to others with pebbles, below you will only find the popular windless spots out of 31 beaches in Tinos. Get ready for a serious beach hopping.

Kolimvithra beach

This was one of our favorite beaches in Tinos island. It’s a lovely, large sandy beach on the northern coast.

On one side of the beach, you will find a cool bar and a surfing school. Kolimvithra is popular with surfers, as it offers the ideal condition for this exciting water sport.

Agios Romanos beach

This west-facing sandy beach is good on a windy day, as it is relatively sheltered. You will find plenty of trees and a couple of beach bars with loungers and umbrellas.

Pay attention while driving on the steep, winding roads leading to the beach.

Agios Ioannis Porto beach

Agios Ioannis Porto is another southern facing beach, very close to Agios Sostis. It sits on a crescent-shaped bay, and there are facilities like umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as a few trees.

Agios Fokas Beach

Agios Fokas is a long sandy beach close to Tinos town, which makes it very popular. You will find many tourist facilities, such as beach bars and tavernas.

Kionia beach

Kionia is a coastal town in Tinos, a short drive from Chora. There are many hotels and rooms to let, and the beach is popular with visitors. While you are here, you can visit the archaeological site of Kionia. In ancient times, there was a temple of Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite.

Agia Thalassa beach

This is one of the best beaches in Tinos. You will find a laid-back beach bar and several trees, providing much needed shade. Good swimmers can swim to the small Planet islet.

Agios Markos is at 2 kilometers from Chora it is a pebble beach with deep waters offers you the best sunset spot in the whole island.

Vathi at 24 kilometers from chora, vathi has a mixture of sand, pebbles and deep crystal clear waters. Always windless and not so popular.

Malli beach is at 29 kilometers away from chora with stunning emerald waters that reflect the green marble of Tinos has sand, bebbles an a dramatic rock formation.

Ormos gianaki is quite popular sandy beach with many small yachts. Kalivia beach is at 17 kilometers from Chora and has the best crystal clear waters power feel sand and pebbles making it extremely popular among locals.

Due to its orientation, the beach is usually protected from the strong winds, and is ideal to spend the whole day. You can access Agia Thalassa (Saint Sea) through an easy dirt road.

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Raki  Beer and Wine tasting 

Tinos offers a culinary journey that makes Italian food your second choice.  Should you wish to experience gastronomy and it is based on tradition and local production. Local farmers cultivate vegetables, produce wine, Raki and cheese.  Local farmers also celebrate their produce as they have specific feasts linked on harvest of oregano, capers ,artichoke and honey.

In its picturesque streets with the medieval arches or on our granite rocks  our remarkable wineries will guide you through to the wonderful journey of the art of making wine. What a nice way to say thank you to your wedding guests by having an after wedding dinner wine experience?

Raki tasting in Falatados

The Raki or Strofylia is the “national” drink of Tinos.

Prepared by tsamboura, the remainders from pressing the grapes, which are then pulped, placed in jars for fermentation and finally distilled in a cauldron.

The Tinian Raki has the characteristic aroma of fennel.

Traditional Mezedes you can have in a kafenio with or without your favorite beer/wine or raki are

Agkinaroryzo (artichokes on rice), sundried tomatoes, fourtalia (traditional omelette), cheese “rocks”, spicy cheese, salad with sea fennel, traditional anise rusks, pumpkin pies, rustic soup, “Savori” with molasses, octopus in vinegar, sausages and louza (tinian prosciutto), squab in sauce, quail with rice, rabbit stew, quince paste, Lazarakia and loukoumades (traditional sweets) pies.

Beer tasting

In Tinos you can taste 5 different types of beer where you can go through all the necessary process of brewing, learn what makes a good beer and enjoy a fun day with your family and friends. An ideal place for a pre wedding dinner as well.

Local feasts 

There are many local feasts in Tinos which every traveler can visit taste and experience the local goods.  Some of them are the feast of Oregano at the beginning of August in Dio Choria, the feast of capers on the 4th of August in Potamias village, the local traditional feast of Artichokes in early May every year, and the honey feast the last Saturday every August at the village of Kabos.

Rakitzio which  is the biggest local feast of Raki at the village of Falatados is worth a visit too. 

Tinos festival is organized every summer by the local authorities with many Greek  and foreign events all over the island.  The Jazz festival in Tinos featuring many Greek and foreign musicians takes  place in many different villages in Tinos and is ideal for Jazz lovers. Tinos never fails be prepared for you holidays in Tinos.  It will be simply flawless.

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