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Akrotiri museum Santorini island summer vacation idea for family
Akrotiri museum Santorini island summer vacation idea for family

A travelers dream is fully enjoy Santorini luxury holidays. Our team has explored this magnificent Greek island over 7 years now. Below you will find a detailed description of Santorini.

Santorini is a cluster of five volcanic islands located in the southernmost tip of the Cycladic complex in the Aegean Sea. The five islands are most commonly known as Thera, Therassia, Aspronisi, Nea Kameni, and Palea Kameni. The birth of the five islands was a direct result of an intensive volcanic activity, followed by a violent eruption, that caused the collapse of the volcano’s central part and resulted in the creation of a large underwater crater, also known as the “Caldera”. Santorini’s volcano is currently one of the few active volcanoes on Greek land and the European continent.   Santorini is full of energy, colors, and a vibrant aura that altogether have allowed dreamy sunsets to claim their conceptual birthplace.
The glowing orange celestial medallion dives  into the horizon, coloring the rocky layers on the cliffside and shading the sky, the beach, and the white-washed houses in breathtaking tints. The island’s magic aura is present and powerful enough to make visitors create lifetime moments, vigorous experiences, and eternal memories at your Santorini luxury holidays. Majestic rocky landscapes, post-card perfect places to look at, black-pebble beaches with sun loungers, calm crystal-clear waters for swimming and jet-skiing are only a couple of the highlights this island has. Island lovers can also enjoy their Santorini luxury holidays all year round as the weather is hot in summer and warm in winter. Along these lines, a refreshing swim, a delightful lunch, a romantic dinner, or a unique wedding ceremony can surely be added on your list anytime you decide to visit Santorini. Exceptional private services with the most awarded chefs in the world are also waiting lavish you in luxury. And don’t worry…the sunset will follow you any place you decide to go on this island. That is to say, an incredible, impeccable, and loving island with jaw-dropping scenery awaits you. Santorini is certainly the destination you shouldn’t miss out on while in Greece. So lay back, get adventurous, and let’s take a thorough look on what the best things-to-do are while you are on Santorini.

Village hopping As previously mentioned, the Caldera in Santorini was formed after a major volcanic eruption took place about 3500 years ago. Although the word “Caldera” means the cauldron-like hollow caused by a large volcanic eruption, it is also colloquially interpreted as “view to the volcano”.  With that being said, almost every hotel or villa on Santorini has a caldera view from a slightly different angle. So, put away your Manolo’s and lace up your hiking shoes as you set out to explore the iconic villages of Santorini.

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Village Hopping

Best hiking tours Oia Santorini island Greece

#Oia village

Oia will surely enchant you with its breathtaking views, the neat white-coated houses, and the azure blue domes. If you are the adventure-sassy type of person, you must experience a professional guided walk from Fira to Oia. The view gets wild and vivid along the path, while entertaining stories will solidly upgrade the experience. Oia is the most picturesque village on Santorini and, thus, the busiest spot you will come across. A professional guided photographic and cultural tour in the actual village will also ensure an elevated experience of the history and culture as there’s more than meets the eye behind each element and feature this village has.


Imerovigli is a less popular and busy, but equally beautiful, village to wander. Enjoy the stunning view while mazing through its white narrow alleys or sit by the staggering swimming pools it offers. Imerovigli is a place filled with romance that you will instantly fall for it. After all, Imerovigli is also known as the honeymoon-place to be. The Skaros rock is another famous attraction you can climb while you are in Imerovigli.

#Pyrgos & Megalochori Village

These two villages are close to each other and nearby Fira, the capital of Santorini. They are both filled with pearl houses and blue-domed churches while they have an artistic vibe and a more bohemian culture. They are “the place” where locals go and unwind. Last but not least, they are blended in scenery and they are the perfect hideaway away from crowds.


History, colors, and love are wonderfully spread all around this lovely village called Akrotiri.   If you decide to go south do not miss out on the town of Akrotiri and it’s gems. The Prehistoric Town and the Akrotiri lighthouse both offer the most enchanting out-of-this-world views. Santorini has a long history and rich culture that root back in ancient times. So as you find yourself in Akrotiri make sure to visit the Prehistoric Town, an archaeological site of great importance in the Greek history. It hosts the findings from the excavations of Athens Archaeological Society at Akrotiri which have uncovered one of the most important prehistoric settlements in the Aegean archipelago.

Sunset Hopping

Beautiful place to have a wedding Oia village in Santorini island Greece

Santorini is a paradise for sunset seekers. Anywhere you stand and walk you will be amazed by the magnificent show the golden sunset offers. A spectrum of colors enriches the perfect shaped orange sphere as it sinks into the sea. Following, you can find a list with the best sunset spots on Santorini:

The Lighthouse: drive all the way to the Akrotiri Lighthouse, and watch the endless sea spreading across the horizon, while you still have the view of the caldera and the volcano on your right.

Skaros Rock: Drive all the way to Imerovigli and then hike down to Skaros Rock to enjoy the azure endless blue of the Aegean sea. Back in the days Skaros Rock had a medieval castle to protect Santorini from the pirates but an earthquake in the 19th century ruined all of it. Pin down that you will lose your breath every single time you visit this place.

Venetian Castle Ruins in Oia, Jaw-dropping rainbow colors will fill your eyes at this extremely popular sunset location.

The Monastery: The Profitis Ilias monastery is located at the highest point of the island and offers a 360 panoramic view. Watch the golden gleams the sun makes creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. A cotton-candy pink sky will surely reward you for this ride to the top of the hill.  

St George Church and the ruins of Pyrgos Castle is a perfect melting pot of history, culture, and religion. This picture-perfect location is showered by the golden sun which accents the colors on the ruins of Pyrgos castle.    

On a boat: Dipping-feet in water while sailing the volcanic waters is definitely the ideal spot for ocean lovers. Santorini has perfected the art of sailing.Sunset hoping from a boat gives out a perfect set-up to sit back and relax during the golden hour. Savour the colors and listen to the sea sound. The ultimate experience of sailing is ensured by professionals who offer unparalleled and exclusive services. If you wish to get the most out of your trip in Santorini while you’re beach-hopping, you should definitely join a catamaran cruise which will sail you through and by the Red, the White and the Black beach. 

From a jet ski. Chase the sunset whilst you’re after the volcano on a jet ski. This is probably the perfect activity for an adventure seeker or a true nature enthusiast. Can you handle chasing volcanoes? Can you think of anything better for your Santorini luxury holidays?

Museum Hopping

Akrotiri museum Santorini island Greece fun place to visit

There are plenty of museums in Santorini all spread out throughout  the island.  

The Archaeological Museum in Akrotiri is one of the highlights.  It only hosts the excavations of an ancient city but it is remarkable to time-travel into the past on the busiest island in Greece. According to the archaeologists, the first inhabitants at this particular site date back to the Late Neolithic times. The various imported objects found in the site also indicate its external commerce relations. Akrotiri was in contact with Crete, the Greek Mainland, the Dodecanese, Cyprus, Syria and Egypt. The museum is actually an extension of the archaeological site of Akrotiri, since it houses frescoes and findings of the 17th century BC. It also houses findings from many other places of Thera which date back to the Newer Neolithic Period and present the passage of various cultures from the Aegean Sea in a long period of Prehistory. All exhibits are in excellent condition.

Museum of Prehistoric Thera   The museum hosts excavations form Akrotiri, from Potamos and other findings from parts of the island. It hosts Neolithic pottery, Cycladic marble figurines, and pottery and metal artefacts all from the Neolithic and Cycladic Periods. Do not miss the impressive Wall painting ensembles even fragments of those are very powerful.

The folklore Museum located in Kontochori Village by Mr Lignos is a traditional cave house a remarkable canava built in 1861. There is an amazing care free garden, a traditional winery built in a cavern where you can see barrels, tools and traditional costumes. It is a remarkable work done by the owner of the Canava perfectly preserving rare books of Santorini.  

The Naval Maritime Museum will complement your understanding of the legacy of Santorini with a library and an art gallery with documents and nautical equipment. It is an actual captain house and a reminder that Santorini owns its growth due to the Greek shipping.  

Finally, the Tomato Industrial Museum has an impressive architecture and the building is definitely worth a visit. The ex- tomato processing factory made paste and cans as the cherry tomato was Santorini’s famous local product. A guided tour will take you back in the past on the process of cultivation, processing, and finally the can end-product of tomato paste. All machinery remains intact and it is quite remarkable to see it standing there almost a century old. Culture lovers of the island can you experience anything more artistic at your Santorini luxury holidays?

Wine Tasting

best luxury wine tours Santorini

Santorini offers the ultimate wine tasting experience with impeccable views in a cultural atmosphere. A sip of Santorini culture and hospitality while indulging yourself in relaxing and reviving moments of outstanding scenery among vineyards. There are many wineries in Santorini but we have personally hand-picked few that we believe offer the best experience at your Santorini luxury holidays. Get ready for a dive into the past of the wine-lands and explore the knowledge of the cultural heritage with wine ambassadors who adore their work. Breathtaking views Caldera wineries What more incredible backdrop could there be to a winery than the caldera itself? The vineyards here are grown in terraces around Megalochori and Pyrgos Kallistis. Venatsanos Winery, has amazing caldera views. Village wineries In Megalochori, there is Gavalas Winery. The famous blue bottle of white wine is iconic. You’ll also find the Argyros Estate, the Volcanic Slopes winery, in and around Episkopi Gonia (Mesa Gonia) and Artemis Karamolegos Winery just down the road at the village of Exo Gonia. Close to Pyrgos, you will find the Hatzidakis Winery. By the beach winery If you enjoy a winery by the sea, Gaia Wines is on Santorini’s coast, between Kamari and Monolithos, right by the beach.

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