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Megalohori Village

One of the best hotel venue in Santorini is at Megalochori village. Impeccable services top views and the best sunset in the world is there.

Megalochori village and Pyrgos traditional village are close to each other and nearby Fira, the capital of Santorini. They are both filled with pearl houses and blue-domed churches while they have an artistic vibe and a more bohemian culture. They are “the place” where locals go and unwind. Last but not least, they are blended in scenery and they are the perfect hideaway away from crowds.

In megalochori village lies the  heart of Santorini  it is a traditional village of white  quaint churches, pirate hideaways, best hotel venue Santorini, wonderful Aegean sea views, and narrow streets and alleys. It is the best village in Santorini where you can feel like a local and taste everything this island has to offer. Megalochori is close to excellent wineries, the ancient archaeological site of Akrotiri,  and the airport.

Santorini is a paradise for sunset seekers. Anywhere you stand and walk you will be amazed by the magnificent show the golden sunset offers. A spectrum of colors enriches the perfect shaped orange sphere as it sinks into the sea.

St George Church and the ruins of Pyrgos Castle is a perfect melting pot of history, culture, and religion. This picture-perfect location is showered by the golden sun which accents the colors on the ruins of Pyrgos castle.    St George church is so close to this magnificent hotel.  Global luxe traveler experts have handpicked this best hotel venue in Santorini so a bride can have the best option available in Santorini.  This remarkable hotel has the best chef curating a spectacular menu for weddings.  He will take your guests at a spectacular culinary journey around greek modern food.  Let us  arrange your wedding scenario at a remarkable hotel with concierge services and breathtaking views. 

Best hotel venue Santorini

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