A carefree experience you should not miss

Cancun Mexico best beach honeymoon vacation
Cancun Mexico best beach honeymoon vacation

Mexico is a carefree experience one should not miss. Popular Cancun is the top destination to go if you travel to Mexico.

Cancun with its gorgeous emerald beaches, its powdery white sand, is a true paradise our favorite place to travel in Mexico that is for sure.

Popular and breath-taking Cancun is the number one place to go in Caribbean.

Sandbars, all-inclusive hotels, night clubs, and traditional tavernas, all of them, will make  any dream of a  traveller come true.

Enjoy sunset and sea views sitting on your own private stretch of land with impeccable views and a feeling of complete relaxation.


Beach Hopping

Cancun Mexico great vacation for couples

Cancun is the ultimate beach hopping experience with spectacular beaches, all season sun and plenty of outdoor activities from any thrill adventurous traveller. Let Pristine waters sublime summer skies and lovely sunsets be your guests at your holiday or your wedding celebration. If you wish to travel to Mexico our experts can make this an unforgettable  trip for you and your loved ones. 

Playas are spread all over this beach paradise but below are the most famous one if you wish to visit them and spend a day exploring.

Playa Delfines is the largest beach in Cancun but swimming is not advised because of the currents. Try instead Playa Gaviota Azul is a beautiful beach. Playa tortugas on the other hand is ideal for swimming has plenty of tavernas with delicious seafood. Chac Mool Beach and Playa Langosta is ideal for diving with many local operators who provide the suitable equipment. Playa forum it is the most famous beach due to the night club Coco Bongo is filled with restaurants and has a tropical vibe resembling a retreat.

Check the weather before visiting the beaches.

Check out Cenotes

Cenote is a mixture of a cave and a natural swimming pool there are thousands of them in Mexico most of them in Tulum but are few in Cancun area. Mayan people used them for sacrifices to God Chaac, the god of Rain in periods of sever drought. Maya also believed that cenotes were gateways to afterlife. Cenotes near Cancun are Cenote La noria, Verde Lucero,Cenote Mojarras and Cenote Selvatica. For ultimate experience there are plenty of fun guided cenote tours which leave from Cancun.

Snorkelling – Paddle boarding

It is necessary to snorkel Caribbean waters once in Cancun. The best underwater attraction is the Underwater Museum in Cancun. 500 sculptures the museum hosts underwater is something you should not miss. Paddle boarding can be easy to find in many beaches in Cancun.

Sailing at Riviera Maya and Isla Mujeres

These are two pocket paradises with beaches extremely beautiful to swim and admire. Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres is a must-see experience. The island of Women gets its name from temple of Maya goddess of Fertility, IXCHEL. Sea turtles sunsets only in a 20 minute boat ride is a thing to do if you visit Cancun. Must not miss the ruins of Hacienda Mundaca. Contact us for more information on travel to Mexico. 

Rio Lagartos and Las Coloradas Day trip

If you have plenty of time you can easily book a tour to pink lakes and swim on a cenote surrounded by nature. The lakes are a natural reserved and home to different animals. Its pink color is amazing thanks to red plankton. Mexican Flamingos are just a bonus here.

Do a ATV through a dirt road Jungle route

An ATV ride in an all inclusive park where you can go cave swimming, rafting and zip lining on the most famous adventure theme park in Cancun is something you cannot forget.

Contact us if you wish to travel to Mexico and have an unforgettable global luxe travelers  experience.

Culture Hopping

Cancun Mexico best after wedding adventures

Visit Downtown Cancun and  live  as a local for a day  especially if you are a foodie you can enjoy the vibe and the delicious tacos offered there. There is also a taco tour available but if you are European you might enjoy other type of food. Food tasting is a must if you wish to fully experience travel to Mexico.

Temazcal Ceremony

Having a spiritual ceremony is the ultimate cultural experience in Cancun. The location is a hut and you must be in your swimsuit because it resembles a sauna. A local man called shaman pours water to hot stones chanting and using herbs to welcome the spirits. It is a purification ceremony similar to which is performed in many religions.

Temple of Kukulkan (el Castillo)

Chicken Itza is a Unesco world heritage site, famous for its pyramids dated from the 5th century. The El Castillo is a pyramid split in 9 stages. It represents a heaven with 9 levels. However it is located outside Cancun a 3hrs drive by bus. If you book a tour of the archeological site you can swim on the sacred cenote Saamal.

Maya Museum & San Miguelito Ruins

A brand-new museum opened in 2012 where you are allowed to walk through ancient ruins, artifacts and skeletons from many Mayan sites around Yucatan. History and culture of Mayas are taken seriously and temples pyramids and family homes of Mayans watch out the engraved Gods along the temples.

El Meco Ruins

At the north point of Cancun an ancient ruin of Maya called El Meco it is beautiful place to see as a small pyramid is the main attraction there.  Need more information on travel to Mexico ? let us know 

Bar Hopping

Cancun Mexico best prewedding parties

Have a party night at the hotels and enjoy night life

Zona hotelera is the place to be should you wish to party on a 15-mile strip of sand. Head down to Kulkukan Boulevard and party or hang out with a drink on your hand.

Coco Bongo, The city nightclub, Mandala beach club, Dady O among many others there is so much to do in this stunning Capital of Mexico, Cancun.

Travel to Mexico

This prime location is so full of stunning venues we need a little more time to undergo a proper photo shooting for our global luxe travelers. Please be patient with us as we are devoted to handpicking the best sustainable villas or hotels  for our luxe travelers.

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