A Golden Beach Oasis

Pre wedding party Paros Island
Pre wedding party Paros Island

Dreaming of holidays in Paros Greece? Paros combines the vibe of Mykonos, Santorini sunset, the beaches of Kefalonia, & the food of Crete. 

Paros is the most beautiful island in the  Cyclades.  It is very popular among Greeks as it also combines the architecture of Tinos.  It is described as little Mykonos as you can quickly grasp the energy that surrounds this beautiful island. 

Paros just like Tinos is synonymous for the high quality of Marble that has been quarried a long time ago and has been used for the iconic sculptures of Nike of Samothrace,  was also used for the majority of the ancient statues and temples, such as the Venus de Milo, the Temple of Apollo in Delos and many others.

If you are a mythology enthusiast you must know that the God Poseidon(God of the sea) got so angry by the nymphs that he turned them into them into little islands the Cyclades. 

Obviously the most beautiful nymph had to be Paros. 

Frankish castle, Venetian castles, medieval promenades, white -washed houses, blue domes  quaint villages this post-card perfect island has it all. 

Global luxe traveller has gathered all the important sight-seeing you must do if you visit the island on your holidays in Paros.


Village Hopping

Travel savvy Lefkes village Paros island Greece

#Parikia Village

The most important thing to do at your holiday in Paros is to engage with the locals on a village hopping experience.

The smell of Jasmine, Geranium and bougainvillea will dazzle  as you stroll through the marble paved alleys of Parikia.

This snow-white house paradise is filled with little alleys that might engage the traveler into a maze hunting but bear in mind this is exactly what the Venetians used to do on purpose so that the pirates and or invaders would get lost. 

Parikia is a transport hub and its vivid energy its busy streets might confuse the visitor but the little town has many restaurants and cafes as well as boutiques to explore and have fun. 

Once you set foot in Parikia do not miss the windmill and the venetian castle dating back to  the 1200’s.

In Parikia you must also explore the Frankish castle the Archeological museum and the Byzantine museum.  The Panagia Ekatontapilliani is found in Parikia too.


Lefkes is a traditional, beautiful and a hikers paradise. It is filled with tavernas and amazing hikes for nature enthusiasts.  In Lefkes you will find easy and nature rewarding hikes of either 9 or 10 kilometres hikes filled with country side incredible beauty, Byzantine ways, and chapel discoveries.This Byzantine road is 1000 years old!  Another famous hike is a mountain hike offering incredible views ,you can see Naxos island, and a well preserved stone paved trail for you to enjoy.

Lefkes was the first capital of the island and offers traditional local shops and folk museums a treat for the art and history lovers.

#Prodromos Village

The iconic Agios Prodromos church is an emblematic 17th century church white-washed and blue dome cube building so beautiful that you will like to escape into this little chapel for ever.  It is so authentic, allured and filled with aroma this cherished little gem will soon become a cherished memory. This village with the powder-feel snow white cubic architecture will charm you.  The picturesque square with the local tavernas and the windmills turned into homes is definitely worth your time.

#Marpissa Village

Marpissa offers a view to die for.  It is a hikers paradise as it offers a moderate hike from Ambelas-Molos-Kefalos hill- Marpissa walk. Enchanting windmills, Churches metamorphosis tou Sotiros and finally a rewarding vista hike of Agios Antonios Monastery where the venetian castle ruins will impress you.

Best tours Church of Marpissa Paros island Greece

#Marmara Village

Marmara means marble as it is quite popularly demonstrated in buildings churches, monasteries and other iconic cycladitic architecture it is quite clear that this village got  its name out of the remarkable Parinian marble.  A 17th century church of Taxiarchis is situated in the centre of the village and marks the square as a meeting poin


Kostos is a caldera magnificent view of Paros.  On a clear weather you can see Naxos and most of Cyclades.  It is also our favorite village for a unique wedding destination


Authentic,traditional beauty of the Cyclades Naousa village is so charming that it is characterised as the most picturesque village in all Cyclades.  In this  noble lady of Paros you will find the most tranquil sunset views. It is a popular fishing village.  The Venetian castle in Naousas Old port is worth a visit as it  dates  back to 13th century.  Take a walk along the sea and take the best photo of your trip.

Enjoy the perfect intimate dinner, or book the whole restaurant for your special occasion in an  exclusively  romantic atmosphere and reminiscent flavors . You may settle a marriage proposal or just have a romantic time with your special someone any time you like.

Once in a blue moon you find a destination so peaceful, so beautiful and so romantic that you want to make it yours, if only for a night.

Leave your rational minds behind and take an artist’s tour of Paros. Get lost to the most famous moment and never return to civilization.

Imagine a soft evening where the magic aura of this island is spread everywhere, so our visitors can enjoy every minute on  this full of positive  energy island. Can you thing of anything better than your holiday in Paros ? 

Independent travel consultant Naousa village Paros Island Greece


As we have saved for you the best visit for last a one- of -a -kind-experience is to  explore and set sail for the island of Antiparos next to Paros. Get that sea breeze through your hair and live like a sailor for a day.  This is one of the most attractive islands where you will find Tom Hanks or Eva Mentes having dinner next to you.  

Beach stretches, cozy coves, dramatic scenery, seductive sun, windless weather beckoning beaches are  among the most bewitching on the planet in Antiparos. 

Visit the  secluded, pristine, mesmerizing iconic beaches of Antiparos a hidden gem or as we call it the best kept secret of Greece. 

Throw your Manolos, get your towel and whisper

At last I have found Paradise on earth!

Last but not least set sail on a day trip around the small Cyclades a group of islands that include Koufonisi and Donousa. A memorable experience and an unforgettable day at your Holidays in Paros.

Beach Hopping

Top summer getaway Martselo Beach Paros island Greece

Fancy salty hair and not a care? Even though any beach can captivate our senses there are some shorelines that are truly magical.

Paros does host heavenly coastlines it is not easy to narrow them down to few but we have chosen some beaches based on their breathtaking vistas, powder feel sand, and majestic scenery.  If you are craving for the epitome of a deserted island or a party vibe Paros has got you covered.

Prepare yourself for some sugary  oasis, a slice of paradise of the shores of kolymbithres bay where the scenery will take your breath away. 

Santa Maria Beach is a long incredible beach with sugary powder feel golden sand. 

Golden Beach and new Golden beach are a windsurfing and kitesurfing paradise where the International windsurfing competition takes place.  Water sports take place in most of the beaches in Paros.  The beaches together with the Aqua Sports center near Kolymbithres is a fun fantasy for the little enthusiastic travelers and a happy family day.

The new Golden beach even though not so popular it is an excellent place for a birthday gathering or a prewedding party.

Another remarkable beach that resembles Mykonos feel like energy is Monastiri beach, a windless spot fully organized with a remarkable beach bar ideal for those who want to have a little luxury whilst sunbathing.  Monastiri is the epitome of luxury and a place to relax at your holidays in Paros.

Marcello beach is one of our favorites, a very long beach with white sand and very close to Parikia.  It has a party vibe it is full of energy and an ideal place for a beach party. It is a beach paradise for your holidays in Paros 

Pounda beach is a quite famous beach  and very crowded.  It is beautiful, extremely organized with music, vibes and perky drinks.

Agia Irini beach has palm trees next to the sea shore.  It is a remarkable, tropical feel environment a petite laguna beach so beautiful it is becoming  very famous.

Farangas beach is a secluded beach, incredible scenery with a sandy shore.  Definitely worth your time. Farangas ticks all the right boxes excellent views, sunbathing at secret coves, chilled environment, organized but not loud, crystal clear waters. Get your gear as it is ideal for family snorkeling.

Paros Park Hiking

eco friendly vacation Paros

This wonderful natural reserve has plenty of cultural and environmental activities for the nature enthusiastic traveler. At Ai Yiannis peninsula a traveller can see botanical gardens which host over 50 plant species fully protected for the traveller to see.  It is a huge plot of land with rocks and caves formation and a lighthouse at the northern point where one can watch the colorful sunset.  A plethora of cultural activities are held every summer.

Watch The Butterflies

Butterflies forest Paros island Greece great summer vacation spot for families

A magical place in Paros with a small playground for children to enjoy.

It is located on a beautiful green valley nestled in ancient ruins and springs with crystal clear water. This remarkable nature reserve is the protective home of Butterfly Jersey Tiger Moth and its reproduction is held at this spot.  These soft and delicate creatures are best seen from  June to September.  Kids will love this little discovery and must be careful as these small animals are scarce and fully protected by law.

Scuba Diving Paradise

adventure travel Paros

Paros offers the ultimate scuba diving paradise with a number of protected diving and unique sea experience.  A traveler goes through a quick course should he or she want to see and explore the underwater world.  With a plethora of majestic fish and sea life it is remarkable to look and explore Paros sea bed.

Paros has two shipwrecks one at Kythnos and other closed to Antiparos should you feel adventurous the licensed scuba diving professionals will inform you about all the excellent opportunities for diving. If you are an adventure traveler or an adventure bride this island will never disappoint your holidays in Paros. 

Horse Riding On The Beach

fun travel for families

This is a must see activity in Paros as your family will experience the joy of riding a horse on a beach.  Paros beaches, due to their formation, mostly sandy make it possible  for all members of the family to enjoy themselves and have fun even if they haven’t ridden before.  Kids will love  this unforgettable happy day.

Bar Hopping

Luxury holiday destination for couples Paros island

Paros has a great nightlife for everybody. Whether you choose a popular venue with a well known DJ for hours of dancing or opt for a chilled night out Paros has got you covered. Perky cocktails remarkable and fancy drinks  there are so many places to visit either in Parikia or in Naousa. Paros is Mykonos in a bottle and you might enjoy this even more.

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