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Rockefeller Centre New York USA best place to travel this Christmas
Rockefeller Centre New York USA best place to travel this Christmas

The ultimate travel destination is New York city. You can Vacation in New York for a month at this remarkable, alive city and never get bored. The most photographed city of the world with exquisite museums and art collections, high maintenance shopping destination and so many parks to wonder around, it is undoubtedly the most exciting place in the world. Below is a list categorized on many things to do if you travel to New York city and meet us there.


Architecture Hopping

Grand Central Station New York USA place to go on Christmas vacation with family

Should you decide to vacation in New York city it is absolutely necessary to visit and fully explore the below monuments with exquisite architecture.  It is the best way to truly feel the city, both during daytime and at night. 

Grand Central Terminal

In a city filed with soaring skyscrapers and monuments Grand Central Terminal station house is a National Historic Landmark. A Beaux-art design in addition to works of art added made in a top tourist attraction with 21.6 million visitors. A meeting place featured in many movies, the huge clock the marble floors and the gold plated chandeliers not to mention the sky-themed ceiling will amaze you.


Even if you do not fancy Broadway theatres you can appreciate Broadway architecture in relation to theatres in Broadway. Apart from emblematic buildings the signs the design details of the theatre the history involved and the exceptional talent on stage it is more than enough motive to book and attend a theatrical play. Head down to the Great White way or just visit Time square, just around the corner. Contact us for a limo and we will make your vacation in New York unforgettable.

Chrysler building

Chrysler building is the favorite building of the New Yorkers because of its beautiful Art Deco architectural style. Its beautiful architecture can be admired in the lobby and on the facades and it doesn’t not cost the entry ticket of Empire state building.

Summit One Vanderbilt

A glass building with countless exhibitions and events is the new building working as an ultimate observatory with glass elevators to fully enjoy the view NYC has to offer. The view is amazing and if you wish to vacation in New York it is must see buliding.

Rockefeller Centre

Can you imagine not to skate at Christmas Eve on its skating ring? Neither can we. Rockefeller Centre has an impeccable atmosphere with a large variety of shops and restaurants not to mention beautiful sculptures. The top observation deck offers amazing views of Manhattan and a tour of the building is mandatory.

St.Patricks Cathedral

A neo Gothic style Cathedral posing magnificently on the corner across the Rockefeller Centre. is the seat of the Archbishop of New York. Definitely worth your visit.

Artechouse NYC

It is a one and only experience and a unique thing to do to visit this digital storytelling museum. Countless exhibitions on many artists it is the place to go if you wish to blend art installations, digital scenes, and technology -driven art.

Statue of Liberty

The statue depicts the figure of Libertas the Goddess of Liberty. Was originally designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and Gustave Eiffel. This gift of France to USA in 1886 is a message of hope especially for early 19th century immigrants. It still is.

Empire state building

The emblematic building of 102 floors is as famous as it gets. It hosts 2 observation decks and the view will reward you. However, note that countless of new additions of observation decks are available nowadays. Pay attention to architecture as this is an iconic landmark the oldest in NYC.

The edge

The newest observation deck has a jaw dropping edge attached to the glass building for a sensory thrilled experience of unique views of the NYC.  This is the best wedding venue for the modern bride too. 

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn bridge is beautiful to look at from but the best view is from the Brooklyn Bridge Park nearby Pebble beach. Get to down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass to get the most amazing shot of this Bridge. Do not forget to pay a visit to Brooklyn Bridge Park an 85 acre plot of land filled with playgrounds basketball courts gardens an ideal place to catch the sunset or just mediate.

Little Italy

In Mulberry street, in Lower Manhattan you can find little Italy where The Godfather was filmed. Admire the atmosphere of the area and enjoy pasta the Sopranos way. Even if you think this is the best things to do while your vacation in New York is taking place, wait check out the amazing museums.

Museum Hopping

Statue Of Liberty New York City good family trip this summer

The Met

Travelers think that the ultimate experience in New York city is Jazz bars and skyscrapers. However, museums are truly the best thing to do at your vacation in New York. This gem of art lies on 1000 fifth avenue. It is impossible to view in one day all masterpieces of art from all over the world. It is necessary to view the first and second floor exhibits (Greek and Islamic art) including on-going exhibitions. 

The Cloisters

Dedicated to Medival art located in northern Manhattan
The Whitney Museum of American Art is worth a visit if you have the time.


MOMA is  an influential large art museum with thousands of modern and contemporary art. A visit to this particular museum is a unique experience everybody should experience in their lifetime. The extensive art collection and the famous painting of Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon,” Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans,” Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” Dalí’s “The Persistence of Memory,” Monet’s “Water Lilies,” and our favorites Number 1A,!948(1948) and One:Numbber 31,1950(1950) by Jackson Pollock.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Architecture lovers will get excited by viewing this one of a kind round eccentric building dedicated to Vasily Kandinsky, as well as works by his followers, including Rudolf Bauer, Alice Mason, Otto Nebel, Rolph Scarlett Picasso, cezanne,Degas,Manet and Van Gogh.
Its spiral ramp riding to a domed skylight is an ode to modernism. Contact us for more information on architecture on your vacation in New York city.

9/11 Memorial and Museum

Dedicated to the September 11 terrorist attack is tacked away to a waterfall on the spot where the World trade centre was. Victims’ names are inscribed and a white rose is displayed on the memory of each person that died this tragic day. Exhibits including recordings of this tragic day are available on site. The atmosphere is moving and respectful.

American Museum of Natural History

On the 79th street and Central Park West lies a unique museum filled with Dinosaurs, butterflies and everything extinct and endangered not to mention the world of sharks and all-natural world. This is a perfect visit for earth lovers and an ideal time to spent with your family.

New York Public Library

New York Public Library is a wonderful wedding location, but also a place where Lecture programs, exhibitions and displays on a beautiful beaux-art building featuring the two lions guarding the entrance. Patience and Fortitude. Another stunning venue for you to have your dream wedding.  If you think if you have explored the city at your vacation in New York be patient we have not covered the parks and nightlife.

Park Hopping

Central Park New York, USA best place to travel this year

Central Park

The most famous attraction of New York in the middle of Guggenheim MET and American Museum of Natural History is Central Park. This huge plot of land is the favorite area of the New Yorkers.  With over 20 playgrounds, 50 fountains and 30 bridges it will guarantee the best walk of your life.  Depending on the season you will find amazing trees and blooming flowers and a ton of outdoor activities to enjoy.  The Conservatory Garden is magnificent. The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassi Reservoir the Loeb Boathouse, the strawberry Fields Bethesda Fountain and Wollman Rink where during summer yoga concerts and roller-skating are held for families.  This is the best venue for an outdoor wedding too.  Full of flowers you will exchange I do’s at the most magnificent environment.  If you vacation in New York city it is necessary to check this park out. 

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 

This garden has a large collection of plants including the Shakespeare Garden five conservatories and a Japanese Hill and Pond garden adorned by Japanese maples and Cherry blossoms (it is spectacular in May) if you pop in to this garden do not forget to visit Prospect park and Brooklyn museum with one pass. Another beautiful outdoor wedding or elopement has found its best venue in New York city.  

New York Botanical Garden(Bronx Garden) 

A number one place to go if you wish to indulge yourself in the stunning forest, plant collection and rose garden in a 250 acre true paradise oasis. At this place a traveller can enjoy trails outdoor collection seasonal flowers and an ambience that blossoms beauty. The spirit of a true traveler lies at parks, the best thing to do, during your vacation in New York. 

Foodie Hopping Extravaganza

Brooklyn Bridge in New York City USA popular vacation spot

Have a drink on Rooftop bar any rooftop bar. It is imperative to have a drink in one of the observation decks and bars in one if not all of the glass buildings described above. Have a Manhattan on the famous city that breaths style. Get in touch with us for the ultimate food tour once in NY and get to a trip of five senses where you experience and taste German, Dutch, Italian, Chinese and Jewish dishes.

Visit China town

At the south point of Little Italy you will find China town where you can entertain yourself with Chinese cuisine and go shopping on the area.

Coney Island

In Brooklyn this is the place to be if you are traveling with your family. Amusement parks roller coasters it will be a memory that will not fade away.

Have a jazz tour

Jazz tour on Harlem this is an ideal way to learn the jazz history by visiting museums and dine to one of these clubs such as the Blue Note Jazz club or just feel the neighbourhoods of the famous town. Global luxe experts have found the best things to do in USA and Europe.  Join us for luxury travels and boutique services.

Best hotels in New York

This prime location is so full of stunning venues we need a little more time to undergo a proper photo shooting for our global luxe travelers. Please be patient with us as we are devoted to handpicking the best sustainable venues, villas, or museums for our luxe travelers.

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