Best travel wedding in Kefalonia island Greece


Wondering which Greek island is the best for a wedding? Look no further Kefalonia can offer the best destination wedding of your dreams.

Kefalonia island  is definitely one of the most favorite destinations in the world.

People come to Kefalonia  with different purpose to visit the island for traveling, wedding anniversary, weekend escape, wedding ceremony, wedding reception or they just come to Kefalonia for a pre wedding photoshoot party.  It is after all a beach paradise for one to discover.

Kefalonia  is an ideal spot for preparing, relaxing, and breathing out, just before your wedding day. It is also perfect as a destination for the actual wedding. It is, by now, the favorite spot of local or destination Photographers.
Its special position by the sea, in the brink of the waves, makes you feel like floating on the water when you’re having your ceremony or your wedding reception. Kefalonia is mostly a windless spot thus the best location for a wedding party! Kefalonia is always not to hot not too cold as most wedding parties are held middle to late October! if you question which location is for best destination wedding ? You have found it. 

This stunning island is a hidden gem with the amazing, secret beaches gives an epic and iconic backdrop of pounding waves and sunset.

At Kefalonia you can also enjoy a dinner with your loved ones  in Fiskardo at awarded restaurants just before or after your wedding day. There is plenty to do to keep your guests occupied a long menu of activities. An epic prewedding party does not have to break the bank, on the contrary it just has to be eclectic and inspiring.
Kefalonia is also ideal if you wish to just get in touch with your inner self and fill with the mystic energy that surrounds, this magnificent island. Or even if you wish to indulge yourself with a massage, a fine meal, a mysterious cocktail and prepare for the most important day of your life, our villas in Kefalonia are the perfect choice.

Relax with a good book, close your eyes and stay still, a big day is coming…contact us for your best destination wedding 


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