Land of Gods
luxury family tours Gytheio
luxury family tours Gytheio

Greek islands are extremely popular but Global luxe traveler handpicks the most amazing places to travel in Greece. Travelers choice award for Greece is Gytheio the quaint village in Peloponnese. Medieval castles, beautiful beaches, and best greece holiday. Living in a castle in Greece is definitely worth your time.  It will be a memorable experience  should you decide to sense and see another side of historical Greece. According to Pausanias, the name Gythio meant “Land of the gods”, from the Homeric word tetragyon “Gyon” (Earth) + god. It is said that during the construction of the city, Hercules, having stolen the divinatory tripod from the oracle of Delphi, came into conflict with Apollo. But because the fight did not yield results, instead of Heraklion or Apollonia they named the city “Land of Gods” to honor both.

If you wish to embark on an eternal love story do not forget to consider a castle in Gytheio. We guarantee this will be the best greece holiday.

Gytheio is hidden in southern Greece in the beautiful region of Mani in the Peloponnese.

The historical value of Gytheio goes back thousands of years.  The ruins of historic castles, the quaint villages filled with impressive towers, the Byzantine churches and monasteries the pirate coves where pirates used to hide their loot, the long powder-like sand beaches and the incredible landscapes are about to steal your heart this is the best Greece holiday for sure.   Neoclassical buildings in off white colours a long promenade along the sea in contrast with the medieval towers of Mani, you can have it all and get the feeling of THIS IS SPARTA. If you are traveling with kids let them create the best Greece holiday memory.

However, if you would like to feel like a true princess or a spend a day as a wife of a king Gytheio is the place to be.  We have gathered all the things you can miss if you are traveling to Gytheio and Mani in the Peloponnese. 

If you wish a medieval experience in Greece Gytheio is your best choice.  Its location is ideal for exploring authentic Mani which is filled with medieval towers and extremely beautiful  stone trails.  Even though Mani is well known for the strong character of the locals, truthful but very strict as they  engaged in vendettas a long time ago,  we could  describe with one word the feeling you get once you set foot in Gytheio .Nobility. 

Let’s explore Gythion Greece. 

Let’s embark to our best Greece holiday.


Village Hopping

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Once you reach Gytheio, take a Walk in  the stone shaped alleys that lead along old stone houses, olive courtyards, and little churches on the Koumaros hill, on which Gythion is built. Don’t miss  the top of the Koumaros hill. Find the path that leads to the little Agion Panton church. See the town from above and bring your camera. Visit the Maniot tower, the marble light house, and the picturesque chapel on Cranae island.  The little island of Cranae is mentioned by Homer in the late 8th century BC. According to Homer, who wrote the Iliad, is Cranae the place where prince Paris of Troy and the beautiful Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta, spent the night together before they left for Troy. As you might know, Paris taking Helen to Troy was the reason the Trojan War started. Not impressed yet? It is not over we will ensure that this will be your best Greece holiday.  

Visit breathtaking Monemvasia, a drive of about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The views of this castle will take your breath away as it is a popular destination for weddings and a major tourist attraction. Yes Monemvasia will steal your heart. Forever.  

Explore  the village of Geraki, a 50 minute drive to the northeast of Gythion. This is a pretty village with small alleys, traditional mansions, and a central square where you can drink coffee at one of the little cafes. Nearby is a Frankish castle built in 1209, with the little church of Agios Georgios inside.

 The well-known  city of Sparta, a 40 minute  drive.

The incredible and beautiful Mystras town is  a 50 minute  drive from Gythion.

A final stop should be the beautiful   villages in the  Taygetos Mountain. This is the best Greece holiday for sure.

Castle Hopping

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Castles are everywhere on the region of Mani and Gytheio.

Tzanetakis tower is in Cranae island and was built in 1829 and you must pay a visit.

 Have fun in chasing castles at the Ageranos  in the Vathi bay, like the tower house of Tsokanis, the Grigorakis Tower, and the Agios Nikolaos Church.

Visit the ruins of the Roman theater in Gythion, at the foot of the ancient acropolis.

Go to Passava Castle along the road from Gythion to Areopoli, about 10 km away from Gythion. The Frankish castle was built in 1254, at a strategic location on a hill, so the Franks could keep an eye on the Maniots. The castle is ruined, but the walls are still there.

Chase the remains of the Goulades Castle (actually it was more like a tower house), near the village of Mavrovouni.

For ultimate castle chasing do not miss breathtaking Monemvasia and Areopoli. This will definitely will be your best greece holiday for every type of traveler.

The wild and at the same time charming natural landscape of Areopolis adorn the stone houses and the imposing stone towers that give an air of pride to the area, compose a unique setting that will impress every visitor.  From Areopolis came the famous families of Mavromichalides where they were known for their struggles and activities during the Revolution of 1821. the statue of Petrobei Mavromichalis that dominates the square of the Immortals. Going up the cobbled streets of the traditional settlement you can admire the tower of Kapetanakos, Stylianos Mavromichalis, Kyriakoulis Mavromichalis which now operates as a historical and family museum, Pikoulakis where a museum is housed, Barelakos and the tower of Kapetanakos. Areopoli and Monemvasia will take your breath away and take  you back in time.Another thing you cannot miss is to visit and watch the incredible sunset at Limeni port a quaint town filled with towers and awarded restaurants.  The sunset in Limeni will ruin you for life consider yourself warned- it will take your breath away. 

Take a boat tour in the most beautiful caves of Greece, the Caves of Diros, a 40 minutes drive from Gythion. This geological miracle is the biggest cave filled with stalaktites and stalagmites of thousands years old.  The boat tourguides will explain in detail when it was discovered and how it operates today.

Visit the ruins of the Roman theater in Gythion, at the foot of the ancient acropolis. Make some extra time to visit the famous Greek city of Sparta.

Keep in mind that there is another side to Gytheio and it is serene and pure beaches. Contact us for more details and enjoy your best Greece vacation.


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The nearest beaches you will encounter are in the east Selinitsa, a crystal clear beach awarded with a blue flag, in which the sea turtle caretta-caretta breeds and 2km south of Gythio the popular Montenegrin beach with 6 km sandy beach, ideal for water sports. Five kilometers northeast you will find Valtaki beach where the rusty hull of the wrecked ship “Dimitrios” impresses. One of the best unspoiled beaches is the beautiful beach of Vathi – Ageranou, a huge  powder-like sandy beach with greenery, pristine waters  one of the best in Laconian Mani. Another great secret spot is skoutary bay. It is an unorganized bay with no facilities besides  traditional taverns nearby. This hidden gem remains tranquil even during high season and is only reachable by private vehicles. It is located Between Gythio and Kotronas, with the wonderful beaches of Kalamakia, Bordona.

Last but not least, the shimmering beach of Agia Varvara  is another quiet area you could opt for Indigo exotic waters that captivate the hearts. This  beach is untouched, with only one small cafeteria and a handful of sun loungers.

Secluded most of them untouched golden shores surround this amazing city of Gytheio.


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