Best beach wedding destination

When a bride is looking for the best beach wedding destination always has in mind the beautiful Greek islands. Global luxe traveller handpicks the most amazing places to travel in Greece and lets face it Peloponnese has so much to offer as a wedding destination.  A wedding in Gytheio or a wedding in Mani is unique and has a medival scent you cannot find in any other area of Greece.  It is extremely popular amongs Greeks and American tourists. Spending your time  in a beach wedding venue  like this is definitely worth your time. It is situated in Selinitsa bay and it offers a stunning view of a famous shipwreck in Gytheio.   This memory will not fade away should you decide to sense and see another side of historical Greece.  Furthermore, this beach wedding venue offers the best destination wedding packages and promises an impeccable pre wedding party for you and your guests.

Gytheio is a top destination wedding location and offers the best event planner in Greece available.  Why? It is because it provides picturesque ambience, best beach wedding venues and historical value.  It is a photographers dream to shoot in Mani, Limeni or Gytheio.

The historical value of Gytheio goes back thousands of years.  The ruins of historic castles, the quaint villages filled with impressive towers, the Byzantine churches and monasteries  the long powder-like sand beaches and the incredible landscapes are about to steal your heart.   

Head here if you wish you guests to have a view on a shipwreck, a powder feel beach and a wonderful list of wines not to mention exquisite sea food standing out as top of the best beach wedding venues in the area.

If you would like to feel like a true princess or a spend a day as a wife of a king,  Gytheio is the best place to be in Greece.  We have gathered all the things you can miss if you are travelling to Gytheio and Mani in the Peloponnese. 

best beach wedding destination

Shipwreck View

Sea View

Restaurant View

best beach wedding destination

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