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Luxury Wedding Barcelona

If you are looking for the most spectacular luxury wedding in Europe, that is fun and artistic. Luxury wedding Barcelona is a must.

Barcelona offers castles with rich history, plenty of outdoor venues, museums and colourful villas for the ultimate mesmerizing wedding celebration. Furthermore, most of them have exquisite gardens, the perfect pallet for a wonderful picture-perfect photography.

Even if you do not wish to get married on yet another villa, Picasso, Mirό museum and casa Battlo are only one of countless original  way to celebrate your love for one another. Magic is spread all around this magnificent locations in Barcelona where we have changed the definition of a true luxury wedding into a more sustainable and ethical wedding.  Dreamy locations, stunning settings and experience staff will make the ceremony of  your dreams come true. 

Food  is the best element of a true luxury wedding in Barcelona.

How do you describe the perfect wedding dinner in Barcelona? 

Ancient Greeks believed that everything was made up of four elements, earth, water, fire and air. Holistic and ancient greek

philosophy are beautifully bound on a luxury wedding in Barcelona. Barcelona is also perfect for travelers who want to explore untouched locations.

Plenty of bars for your prewedding dinner and fun times with the girls undiscovered gems of the north, spectacular cocktails  dramatic scenery, fresh tapas, different types of paella , grilled mushrooms with Castilian shavings, suckling beef chop,figs and confitted potatoes, elements of water and earth lying down to your plate.  Lets not forget Red wine of rioja.  An excellent gastronomic experience at your wedding.

Then you have the vegan dishes all earth naked in front of you.

Canelloni cheese sauce,  or the millefeuille of vegetable pies with grilled variety cheese and tomato sauce.

Don’t miss the element of Fire..

Sea food paella with vegetables and pea muselin or fried shrimps  with velvet fish roe muselin, 

Last but not least the air is trapped on Spanish desserts.

We have put all ancient Greece to your convenience.

Contact us for your luxury wedding Barcelona , or a dive in History and a spectacular experience whilst eating the perfect wedding reception.

Get in touch with our team to get quotes on this remarkable idea of getting married on unique venues for memorable weddings in Barcelona.

Let Art Nouveau and Gothic style to be a guest at your guest list.


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