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Drogati Cave Kefalonia island Greece summer vacation ideas for families
Drogati Cave Kefalonia island Greece summer vacation ideas for families

Join us for an unforgettable vacation in Greece in famous Kefalonia island. Luxury Hotels, villas & best things to do at your Greece vacation.

Kefalonia is the perfect travel destination. It offers the ultimate beach hopping experience. 

Join us to get lost in colors, as it is the  ideal destination  for nature lovers animal admirers and sea life enthusiasts. It is perfect destination for weddings as well. A visitor is amazed by the turquoise colour of the beaches and the sandy way of life. The views of the island are spectacular everywhere you look and the beauty of the Ionian Islands differs al lot from the white washed houses you find in the Cyclades. Vibrant mesmerizing blue waters and green found in the mainland are just few of the colours that stand out on this beautiful island.

Kefalonia is one of the most remarkable islands of Greece.  It is a place with rich history, as it has been inhabited since the Paleolithic age! The first inhabitants of Kefalonia were the so-called “Leleges” and used to worship the ancient Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. Ruins of big ancient towns, Mycenaean tombs, ancient treasures, castles and monasteries reveal the glorious past of the island!

If you are a nature lover, you’ll love the adorable caretta-caretta turtles. These  sea turtle species is the only one that finds shelter in Greece. They are between 1-1.2 meters long and can live up to 65 (!) years.

Many beaches in Kefalonia are protected during caretta-caretta reproduction period. This is because the female caretta-caretta turtles drag themselves out of the sea at night and bury their eggs in the sand to hatch. After about 60-70 days, the newborn caretta-caretta turtles get out of their eggs and drag themselves to their natural environment!

Even though there are many things to do in Kefalonia island we have spotted 3 things you must not miss when visiting this island on your vacation in Greece.


Cave Hopping

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One of the most important thing to do at your  vacation in Greece is to visit Melissani cave. Kefalonia  has one of the most impressive nymph caves you’ve ever seen. It is one of the nature wanders whose magical beauty cannot be captured on camera.

Also known as “The cave of the nymphs”, Melissani cave took its name from the nymph Melissanthi, who killed herself, after being rejected by god Pana.

You’ll find this impressive geological masterpiece 2 km away from Sami and you can explore it by the boat tours organized inside the cave. 

The lake, which is located 20 meters under the land surface, has mesmerizing emerald water and is surrounded by 20,000 years old stalactites. A big hole on the top of the cave allows  the sun rays to light up the cave in a magical way! This is a top attraction at your vacation in Greece.

Drogarati cave is also a magical attraction for nature lovers. It is located at Sami village and private tours are available.  It is filled with tunnels, stalactites and stalagmites.  A small lake surrounds this beautiful cave which is estimated 150 millions old.

Agalaki cave is located near poulata in Sami Kefalonia  even thought it is not as impressive as melisani cave it is worth a visit.

Zervaki cave is the blue cave is located in Karavomilos village and has a remarkable geological value.  Rare aquatic plants fish and eels inhabit on its waters but it is rather dangerous to explore.  It offers amazing sight seeing as the waters are better quality than waters on Melisani lake. 

Kalavothres another place to visit in Kefalonia island.

Katavothres” is a geological miracle, happening in Agioi Theodoroi cape, just 2 km away from Argostoli. “Katavothres” are basically cracks next to the sea, inside which the water enters and crosses almost  the whole island, underground.

This interesting geological effect used to be a mystery for scientists for many years, as they had no clue where the water was going when it disappeared! So, they decided to put 16 kg of paint inside the water, in order to detect its movement.  It is now known that the water then makes its way to Melissani Lake before flowing back into the sea. Join us to get the utmost experience on cave hopping at your fun vacation in Greece.

Beach Hopping

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Kefalonia is a beach paradise. However, you cannot find sea turtles in all the beaches should you embark on a beach hopping journey.  It might be necessary to explore the sea turtles in Argostoli port. These remarkable sea life animals can be seen in the morning while waiting for the fisherman to clean out their nets.

In Kefalonia there are some of the best beaches not only in Greece, but also in the world! Exotic landscapes, emerald waters and fine sand will make you feel as if you’re in the Caribbean!

The biggest and themost famous beach is Myrtos , which is located 30 km away from Argostoli. This beach is covered with shiny white pebbles and has mesmerizing turquoise water. Its landscape is breathtaking, as it is surrounded by verdant hills. And if you happen to be a photography lover, the best spot to capture amazing photos of Myrtos is from the road above the beach! Surely the most instagramable dramatic beach in Greece. 

Another very popular beach beach is Antisamos, 27 km away from Argostoli. Antisamos is a beach similar to Myrtos, regarding its landscape. It also has emerald waters and white pebbles, while it’s surrounded by the breathtaking Avgo mountain. Colorful fish perfect clear waters make snorkeling an unforgettable experience at your holidays in Greece.

Antisamos became famous thanks to the movie “Captain Corelli’s mandolin”, which was filmed there!

Many famous Hollywood actor’s own property in Kefalonia as the island truly catches a spell around you.

Petani Beach

A spectacular beach with white sand and gravel, offers clear electric blue waters and a pool experience.  This sandy warm beach is located 20 kilometes west of Argostoli it has large waves ideal for surfers and it is surrounded by large green cliffs.  It has also a secluded beach right next to it should you feel you want some privacy.

Xi beach

Red sandy beach with swallow waters perfect for a family day at the beach is indeed a popular beach.  White rocks embrace this remarkable beach and it got its name from the cove which has the shape of the letter X. 

Skala beach

An incredible long sandy beach perfect in golden hour, electric blue waters, and beautiful green hills on the other.  Jump into this sea, bring a snorkeling gear and get into a small boat for a day trip around secluded and secret coves. Apart from beach hopping we have many things to do for architectural enthusiasts when in vacation in Greece.

Picture perfect villages for village hopping

In Kefalonia there is so much to see apart from the pristine waters the natural beauty and the beautiful trees that surround this magnificent island. 

The quaint villages are ideal for architectural enthusiasts and history admirers.

The remarkable quaint villages of Assos, Agia Efimia, Fiskardo and Sami will satisfy your urge for venetian buildings old fortresses


Sami is the protagonist of jaw dropping views and so close to the beach of antisamos.  After all sami was the setting of captain Corelli’s Mandolin.  Filled with Hellenic ruins sani leaves a strong archeological mark especially during the classical period in Paleocastro and in Agioi Fanentes. A visit is worth your time.


The ruins of Venetian castle in Assos will make you question are you in Greece or in Italy? A definitely instagrammable village with picture perfect spots to discover.


A mountain, a forest and a harbor, turtles, sea life and a cosmolitan touch is the best way to describe Argostoli.  Filled with restaurants shops and bars a fine dining experience awaits there.  If you are a culture lover do not miss the Archeological museum with findings from roman period. 


Fiscardo is our favourite town.  Luxurious, cosmopolitan, perfecting the art of dining and enjoying life then fiscardo is the ultimate choice. More modern more sophisticated but definitely worth a visit.  It is without a doubt the best thing to visit at your holidays in Greece. Fiskardo is also a top beach destination for weddings .


If you want to make the best out of your vacation Poros is the perfect stop for a quick trip to Ithaca and Zakynthos.    Secluded and private coves, untouched sandy beaches with colorful pebbles it most definitely makes the whole experience a trip to remember.


Lixouri is the second largest village in Kefalonia with a remarkable rich history.  Filled with sandy beaches, private beaches aquamarine electric blue waters Petanoi, Xi and Platia ammos Atheras beach, Agia Eleni, Lagadakia, the bay of Vatsa, Vrahinari beach and Megas Lakos everything is there for you to enjoy.  Sun soaked, salty hair and not a care is definitely the place to visit if you seek some quiet, Ideal for private events, beach weddings and celebrations.  Contact us for luxury accommodation packages a global luxe traveler vacation in Greece like no other. 

Wine Hopping

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Wine tasting

Kefalonia has a rich culture, so music and dancing couldn’t be missing from the islanders’ everyday life! So, it’s not really a surprise that traditional feasts based on the local music and dances are often organized on the island.

Two of the most famous cultural events are the International Music Festival in Argostoli and the “Varkarola” festival in Assos village. The International Music Festival takes place every year on August and hosts concerts of both local and foreign artists. As for the “Varkarola” festival, it is also organized every year in August. Just imagine singers inside little boats, singing traditional Kefalonian serenades, while fireworks light up the summer sky. It’s a must event to attend in Kefalonia!

Kefalonia is famous for its local wine varieties“Robola”, “Mavrodafni” and Kefalonian Moschato.

“Robola”, specifically, is one of the three best wine varieties in Greece! About 500 tons of “Robola” wine are produced every year, many of them exported mainly in Europe and the USA.

One of the must things to do in Kefalonia is to visit one of the local wineries, tour around the vineyards and, of course, indulge in wine tasting at your perfect holidays in Greece.


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