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Le Ciel Tinos

Thinking of having a destination wedding in Greece? We operate with stunning wedding venues and offer the best destination wedding packages.

Tinos island  might be the antidote you need to make since you decided to have a destination wedding.  There is something about that seductive blend of sun, holistic energy of the island, that lures you in and lifts your soul. Including beach stretches, cozy coves, dramatic lunar scenery  Tinos island is among the most bewitching on the planet.

If only there was a teleport bitton that could take you there in an instant to see this remarkable villa and decide on your destination wedding. 

Tinos is a perfect location for the destination bride who loves art, admires architecture, protects nature but above all is a gastronomy aficionado.  It is a distinctive eat, pray, love island and an amazing wedding destination.  It has wild beauty lunar landscapes and quaint villages.  Tinos offers a culinary journey that makes Italian food your second choice.

Are you a true traveller ? Are you a true destination bride? 

Our villa is a real “ Mediterranean paradise”. 

Rugged, wild and untouched, this secret, is the number one place to go, if you visit Tinos.

You’ll get back home with plenty of shots for Instagram.  Sunsets are perfect.

Even though this hidden villa is not easy to reach, it’s well worth the trek.

Covered with marble and artistic little gems, Le ciel tinos  is a source of positive energy itself.

And the experience continues

A hidden beach right below is almost your private beach for  perfectly-shaped for photos that will last a lifetime.

If that’s not scenic enough for you then stay at Le ciel tinos till the golden hour and let all your guests  look up in the sky.

Enjoy spectacular colors as the sun sets over the Mediterranean sea. It is one of the most romantic settings in the world. There is no better location for your destination wedding other than Tinos.

Let us take you to another world as you look in awe at the ivy rocks and wonder…..

How you made it to this artistic venue.

Our sunkissed villa is overlooking Delos, Syros and Mykonos is ideal for wedding ceremonies, wedding parties, post wedding events, prewedding parties and corporate bonding dinners.  Its breathtaking scenery and sunset views will take your breath away.  Villa hosts up to 10 guests and a party up to 100 guests.  It is filled with statues and paintings and a little theater all made out of marble is part of the house.   

Discover le ciel villa

Pool view

Sea View

Sunset View

Photo Gallery

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