Luxury Suites Mykonos

Unleash Your Nomadic Spirit: Luxury suites Mykonos at Kalo Livadi Beach will bottle the stars for you.

Embark on a journey to rediscover the essence of luxury and liberating living outdoors with our brand-new paradise of bohemian luxury suites in Mykonos. Nestled just 200 meters from the pristine shores of Kalo Livadi Beach, our accommodation is a haven designed for discerning travelers with a nomadic heart.

The Bohemian Paradise:

Imagine a retreat where nature is not just a backdrop but an active participant in your experience. Our 14 luxury suites are meticulously designed to embrace the healing power of the surrounding environment. Each suite is a private sanctuary where the boundaries between indoors and outdoors blur, allowing you to immerse yourself in the calming effects of relaxation at this Mykonos luxury beachfront hotel.

Feet on Sand Living:

Experience the unique sensation of walking barefoot in your private courtyard, where earth and sand become an integral part of your journey. Our feet-on-sand living concept is more than a luxury; it’s a celebration of the grounding connection with the natural elements. Let the fine grains of sand become your pathway to tranquility as you navigate through your exclusive retreat.

Kalo Livadi Beach: A Coastal Gem:

Indulge in the beauty of Kalo Livadi Beach, one of the most enchanting beaches in the Aegean Sea. Feel the gentle caress of the sea breeze and the warmth of the sun as you step onto the soft sands. Your luxury suite is a mere 200 meters away, allowing you to seamlessly transition between the beach and your private haven.

The shape of the beach gives it a few small cove type area which adds to intimacy and privacy.

Mykonos can have a  less of a tourist spot where  visitors community is made up of writers and artists creating an inviting a cultural scene.

You will get this instantly.

Head here if you are looking for crowds and parties or , would prefer beautiful nature and artsy atmosphere.

Kalo livadi beach  is a perfect spot to relax, tan and take amazing Instagram photos.

Drinks are remarkable parts of this oasis.

Our team will warm up your soul and will make sure your drink will compliment this long lasting memory.

Whether you need the perfect gin or a vodka martini or even a metaxa based Paradise we will bottle the stars for you.

Our celebrity style treatment will make you come again and again at this Mykonos luxury beachfront hotel.

Let global luxe traveler experts  wrap a star for you in this luxury suites Mykonos.

Nomadic Heart, Luxury Living:

For those with a nomadic heart, our luxury vacation package in Mykonos offers more than accommodation; it’s an invitation to celebrate the spirit of wanderlust. Embrace the bohemian paradise, where every moment is a fusion of comfort, style, and the untamed beauty of the outdoors.

Book Your Nomadic Retreat:

Ready to experience feet-on-sand living in the heart of Mykonos? Book your stay at our luxury suites in Kalo Livadi Beach and let the Aegean Sea be your backdrop to a liberating and luxurious escape. Your nomadic adventure awaits—where the line between accommodation and nature is beautifully blurred. 🏖️✨ #MykonosLuxurySuites #FeetOnSandLiving #BohemianParadise #NomadicRetreat #KaloLivadiEscape

Luxury Suites Mykonos

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