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Luxury Destination wedding by
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Global luxe traveler perform luxury destination wedding at sustainable hotels & villas globally. Join us to find out bespoke wedding packages and be prepared to kiss the modern world goodbye on these amazing villas or hotels in Greek islands or globally. 

What do I need to know when planning a destination wedding ?

There are a million questions to be asked when you are looking for the best destination wedding locations.  Firstly, you must wonder what is the destination wedding budget, Secondly, ask yourself how do you find the best international wedding planner, and wonder what are the top beach wedding destinations? Are there any inexpensive all inclusive wedding venues?who can handle beautiful  weddings and be a destination travel agent all at the same time? Furthermore, what type of a wedding is right for you? What are the top elopement destinations and what are the unique wedding destinations? how do I throw a showstopper wedding so far away from home ? Can I have a bohemian wedding or a ruby wedding or how do I find my perfect wedding venue?  

Global luxe traveler wedding planners can execute any type  wedding in any sustainable hotel or villa.  We have a group or wedding coordinators on every location ready to make the wedding of your dreams to come true.  In addition, we can handle either a getway wedding on the best beach wedding destination worldwide or a lavish luxury wedding in Paris or Italy at the same time.  Consequently we can provide affordable destination wedding packages on either micro wedding or spectacular wedding celebration with luxury post wedding party and an extravagant bachelorette party. 

If you are looking for the best planner in Paris, Barcelona, Italy or New York and Mexico we can guarantee we can find the best sustainable vendors and the best wedding plan for you and your guests.  We love to create luxury rehearsal parties, with casual wedding attire on good destination wedding locations worldwide. 

Join us for a  celebration that it feels like a  true vacation.   

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