Ftelia  with its jet white  shore and crystal clear waters is a photographers dream.

Besides lying lazily on the sand-actually made up of tiny golden sand there is plenty to do

You can go snorkelling to your where lapis lazuli waters will leave you amazed.

The shape of the beach gives it a few small cove type area which adds to intimacy and privacy.

Mykonos can have a  less of a tourist spot where  visitors community is made up of writers and artists creating an inviting a cultural scene.

You will get this instantly.

Head here if you are looking for crowds and parties or , would prefer beautiful nature and artsy atmosphere.

Ftelia  beach is a perfect spot to relax, tan and take amazing Instagram photos.

Drinks are remarkable parts of this oasis.

Our team will warm up your soul and will make sure your drink will compliment this long lasting memory.

Whether you need the perfect gin or a vodka martini or even a metaxa based Paradise we will bottle the stars for you.

Our celebrity style treatment will make you come again and again .

Let us wrap a star for you in Mykonos

Travel for a cocktail and luxury style vacations in Mykonos.

Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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