Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary with Global Luxe Traveler? Global luxe traveler experts can help out on how to pick a destination wedding location ideal for you.  Let us save you time, money, hustle and deal with the can, why, how, what, where, questions you might have. Taking this into account, have in mind that the list below is your wedding guide on what is included in a destination wedding package.


1. Pre-Wedding Consultation:

Personalized consultations with a dedicated wedding planner to discuss your vision, preferences, and details leading up to the wedding.

2. Venue Selection:

Access to exclusive and stunning venues for pre-wedding events such as welcome dinners, rehearsal dinners, or engagement parties.

3. Luxury Accommodations:

Premium accommodations for the couple and, in some cases, a selected number of guests in upscale suites or villas. Global luxe traveler experts treat you with discounts Galore and  Save you money and time like a boss with our exclusive 5% discount on every booking.

4. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot:

Professional pre-wedding photoshoot in picturesque locations, capturing the couple’s journey leading up to the wedding.

5. Spa and Wellness:

Spa treatments, relaxation sessions, or wellness activities for the couple to unwind and prepare for the big day.

6. Gourmet Dining:

Exclusive dining experiences, including private dinners at top-rated restaurants or personalized menus created by renowned chefs.

so if you are searching for what is included in a destination wedding package note that prewedding events or rehearsal dinners are essential.


1. Ceremony Venue:

Exclusive access to breathtaking ceremony venues, which could include private beaches, gardens, or iconic locations.Save money and time like a boss with our exclusive 5% discount on every venue booking. Furthermore we are proud we have Currency Wizardry: We’ve got the inside scoop on the best currency exchange rates, so you can stretch your budget like a pro.

2. Luxury Decor and Styling:

High-end wedding decor, floral arrangements, and personalized styling to create a luxurious ambiance.

3. Premium Photography and Videography:

Top-tier photography and videography services with experienced professionals capturing every moment in a cinematic style. Your wedding video turned into wedding inspo? Yes, please! Get ready to be inspired by your own love story.

4. Live Entertainment:

Live music, entertainment, or cultural performances to enhance the wedding experience or

Zorba’s Dancefloor? Local Greek bands bringing the party to your wedding? Let’s dance the night away, Greek style!

5. Gourmet Catering:

Exquisite catering with gourmet menus, fine wines, and customized dining experiences for the wedding reception or Greek Gastronomy: Greek wines, cheeses, and beers in food and music pairing?  Say no more. We’ll have you sipping and savoring like a local.

6. Wedding Cake Design:

Custom-designed wedding cake crafted by a renowned pastry chef.

7. Personalized Wedding Coordination:

Dedicated wedding coordinator providing personalized assistance from planning to execution, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience or CEO Magic? Meet the dream team: Our CEO and local wedding coordinators are here to make your day stress-free and fabulous with in depth knowledge of Off-Season Charm and Off-season wedding dates. All you have to do is to Get that discount and say “I do” in style in Green Glamour as sustainable weddings are the new black. Furthermore we do Personalized questionnaires for a personalized experience thus making your wedding uniquely you. Quick responses and efficient communication you might feel you have a witty lawyer that has your back.

8.Bonus Trip: Discounts for your next trip? Or discounts at your honeymoon? It’s like getting a bonus gift with your dream wedding package.

One might say that weddings is what is included in a destination wedding packages but afterwedding or post wedding parties are the ultimate farewell, thank you for attending, to your guests and loved ones.


1. Post-Wedding Celebrations:

Options for post-wedding celebrations, such as farewell brunches or private dinners.

2. Honeymoon Experience:

Additional nights in a luxury suite or villa for the couple, often with special amenities and romantic touches.

3. Adventure and Exploration:

Curated experiences or activities for the couple to explore the destination’s beauty and culture.

4. Keepsake and Mementos:

Customized keepsakes and mementos commemorating the wedding experience.

5. Travel and Transportation:

VIP transportation services for the couple and, if needed, for guests during their stay.

All of the above and so much more is what is included in a destination wedding package so get

Ready to say “I do” to the luxury wedding of your dreams? Let’s make it happen with Global Luxe Traveler. 🎉💒💖 #LuxuryWeddings #DestinationBride #GlobalLuxeTraveler #DreamWeddingGoals

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